Saturday, January 17, 2009

6th folder/6th photo

I got tagged by Mye of Blog Appetite to post the 6th picture located on the 6th folder. So here it is, the picture of my son EJ, this was taken when he was just got well from being sick last Christmas. He got skinny then, just glad that he is getting back to his normal weight again and his appetite is back.. Now, for the rules of the game: 1. Go to your Picture Folder or wherever you store your photos in your PC 2. Go to the 6th folder and pick the 6th picture 3. Post this on your blog and the story that goes with that picture 4. Tag 5 bloggers by leaving them a comment on their blogs and telling them about the tag I would like to pass this tag to Clarissa, Anne, Heidi, Richard, and Malou.

simple celebration

We dined out tonight to celebrate EJ's birthday. We did not have party for him in here because we want my family in the Philippines to enjoy it too, so we will be having his party there when we visit this March. We invited a family friend to eat with us.. Thanks Ate for the gift and for celebrating with us.. Our daughter just wanted a soup so that was she had, mushroom soup...
We ate our favorite korean dish...... bibimbop..

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo

We we're playing this game Eeny, meeny, miny, mo. Catch a TIGER by the toe. If he hollers, make him pay, fifty dollars every day. This was used to select who would go first, or get first choice at a dessert, or something similar. Another version of the rhyme is Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a TIGER by the toe, if he hollers let him go, eeny meeny miny mo.
Rylie was the tiger hehehe... goodnight everyone!