Friday, May 31, 2013

Softball in the Field

We took the kids at the  school field in our neighborhood to practice  softball.  Our children a are not part of any sports team but we try to  teach them a little bit about it once in a while.  Our daughter is not into sports but she likes it when we play with them so that works  for us for now.  When they get older and become interested into sports, that is when we will find a way to  get them involve in some team in the area.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Hands for the Good Life

This post brought to you by Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always tell my kids  a story of my life when I was growing up.   I told them that they are so lucky because they  have many things that I never had when I was a kid, not even a toy.  All of our toys are  made up from what we see in our surroundings.  Despite that though, I have a very memorable childhood as my parents were always there for us.  We did not have any fancy things like kids   has nowadays but we were contented and happy.  

When I was about 14 years old, there was a  super typhoon that hit our  region and  the said typhoon created a massive tidal wave.  It wiped  away our  house and  all the  house in our coastal area.  We lost everything, all that was left is the clothing that we were  wearing that night.  It was a  very tough times for my family, we did not know what to do because in my country,  government does not really help  much  compared to the government here in the US.  In God's grace, we managed to come back up and started all over again.  I did not  go  to school on that school year but the next year, a family  offered to help me.   I do believe that God works in a very mysterious way.  You just need to have faith and believe in yourself and everything will come  to place.  We  all have fears  and doubts in doing things but  if you persevere and do your part, it's possible.

I find a website where you can  share your  inspiring stories through the   Allstate Good Life .  This is a perfect place to share   your  struggles in life and how how you overcome those obstacles that you  faces.  I love AllState's motto, "Good Hands for the Good Life".   In the comment section, would you share  what  obstacles in your life you have went through and  how you manage to  turn it around?  Inspire us and share your stories.   
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reading Raindrops Award

I went to the school today to watch the mini olympics that the school hosted for the kids.  I love that they do that because they end the school year with cheer and fun!  Tomorrow will be their last days of school and we will all gather to celebrate mass at the church.

Anyhow, below is the award that my son got  from their Reading Raindrops program  for Spring.  My son did a lot of progress ever since he first started kindergarten.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wishing Well

Below is one of the photos I took during our three mile walk.  The kids were mesmerized by this wishing  well.  They asked me for some coins but I did not have  any with me.

I will update this post maybe tomorrow night. Gotta hit the sack now.

"If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well" - Giselle Rufer of Delance Swiss Watches

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moisture Control Potting Mix

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband got me another pot of miniature roses during Mother's day so I instead of adding it to my flower bed of miniature roses, I thought of putting it in a special  planter that he also got me  for my birthday last year.  Yeah I know, I am weird like that.  I love gifts that I can actually use so when he asks me what I want I always say gardening stuff.  Anyhow, to ensure that  these roses won't die, I gather some tips and ideas from Miracle-Gro on how to care  roses in a pot.  It is important to use Moisture Control Potting Mix when doing projects like this.
How about you?  Do you have fun garden projects this year?   I love browsing the Miracle Gro's The Gro Project as they have such neat and easy  to do prpojects that even us beginners can do.  They have an expansive library of  articles and videos that  you can watch just like the one below.  Every article  and videos are full of tips and ideas that both professionals and beginners can benefit from.  I encourage you to fllow Miracle Gro  in Pinterest and get acquainted with other garden enthusiasts and share your ideas with them and in return,  you can learn from their ideas as well.  

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ring for my Husband

I took this photo when we were driving going to Marland Heights to visit my FIL.  Hubby is wearing the   ring that I got him as graduation gift.  My nails were newly painted with red nail polish and I was wearing my red coat.

We were suppose to attend hubby's graduation rites last Saturday but it was raining  hard that day  that we decided not to go.  Hubby said that it's not worth  having the kids  rained on and get sick.  It doesn't matter that he didn't attend the  ceremony as he got his diploma since last year already.
ABC Wednesday

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hotel's Excellent Customer Service

We always stay at one of the hotels in Manila that my husband  really likes whenever he  visits the Philippines.  All the  employees there are really nice and friendly and their services are awesome.  I remember when we first brought the kids to visit my family,  my son wanted to ride one of the  Cool bell boy luggage carts that the employee was pushing to carry our luggage in our room.  The bell boy was very nice and he let my son  ride  while he pushes it.  It is really nice when you find a hotel  with  courteous  and helpful employees.  It makes it more comfortable for the travelers to  use their facility every time   Excellent customer service  always attracts clients to patronize their  services.  I am looking forward to our next visit to  my country.  I don't know when but hopefully soon as I am missing my family very much!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scholastic Book Fair

Before the Spring break, the school where my Burritos goes hosted their Annual Book Fair, partnering with Scholastic.  I like the slogan  of Scholastic which  says "Read Everyday, Lead a Better Life".  Parents  were invited to come to  help the little ones in picking the books that they want to buy.  I only gave my kids $10 each but I ended up paying $50 more for both of them which I don't mind because I like books myself.  I prefer to buy them books over toys.
As expected, Mr. Burrito chose  a book about Hot Wheels.  He said that it would help him familiarize of his collection so I was convinced and bought it for him.  Ms. Burrito on the other hand, got two science books and an animal book.  Her teacher was surprised that she chose those books as those  are for higher graders.  I wasn't surprise at all as I know that she loves anything about Science  she takes that from my husband who also love Science.
I know that I am very hard on my kids sometimes but you know, I don't regret it because I know along the way, they would learn the things they need to.  I am the disciplinarian  at home, my husband is a happy go lucky guy  who is always my kids best friend.  I think, I got my father's way of raising us when we were kids.
My son  complains sometimes when I let him sit and read but  it paid off as he  was awarded  for an outstanding  reading ability.  Since then, he is inspired to read  everyday without me telling him.
For the fun part, here's my Burritos  being goof balls, literally as she put the ball inside her  dress lol.
Have a peaceful and safe Easter Celebration to  all.

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