Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scholastic Book Fair

Before the Spring break, the school where my Burritos goes hosted their Annual Book Fair, partnering with Scholastic.  I like the slogan  of Scholastic which  says "Read Everyday, Lead a Better Life".  Parents  were invited to come to  help the little ones in picking the books that they want to buy.  I only gave my kids $10 each but I ended up paying $50 more for both of them which I don't mind because I like books myself.  I prefer to buy them books over toys.
As expected, Mr. Burrito chose  a book about Hot Wheels.  He said that it would help him familiarize of his collection so I was convinced and bought it for him.  Ms. Burrito on the other hand, got two science books and an animal book.  Her teacher was surprised that she chose those books as those  are for higher graders.  I wasn't surprise at all as I know that she loves anything about Science  she takes that from my husband who also love Science.
I know that I am very hard on my kids sometimes but you know, I don't regret it because I know along the way, they would learn the things they need to.  I am the disciplinarian  at home, my husband is a happy go lucky guy  who is always my kids best friend.  I think, I got my father's way of raising us when we were kids.
My son  complains sometimes when I let him sit and read but  it paid off as he  was awarded  for an outstanding  reading ability.  Since then, he is inspired to read  everyday without me telling him.
For the fun part, here's my Burritos  being goof balls, literally as she put the ball inside her  dress lol.
Have a peaceful and safe Easter Celebration to  all.

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