Friday, July 9, 2010

Bonding at the Creek

These photos were taken before our daughter's birthday celebration at the creek. Our kids love to be in the water so even if it's a little bit far from us, my husband doesn't mind driving out there so they could enjoy the nice weather.

We had so mu7ch fun out there. The creek is surrounded by beautiful trees where birds and butterfly come and go. I think this butterfly is trying to drink some water. Hubby gave a clover flower while we were sitting on the grass watching the kids swim. The sweat bee kept flying around us too (see him on top of my sandals?).

It's fun to watch other kids splashing the water. When Rylie got hit in the eyes, she quit swimming lol. EJ on the other hand, didn't care as long as he can swim.

It's a joy to see them enjoying the water, the sand, even the sun is a little bit hot.

Here's the sand castle maker.

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