Friday, June 18, 2010

Runaway Dog

We have Chelsea for almost six months now and we really like her as she is a very smart dog and she is also house trained already. The problem with her is that, she love to runaway every chance she gets.

Even now that we already have a fence, her first thing when we opened our front door is to take off. It's funny because, hubby and I were talking about her this afternoon when I was eating my lunch at the kitchen. He said that Chelsea is a good dog to have but she can't be trusted.
This afternoon, the kids went at the back yard and play with them. We let them ran around without a leash because the kids were there. After 30 minutes or so, I did not hear her bark anymore so I checked and sure enough, she's gone. She managed to squeezed in under the fence. Hubby went out and looked for her. Luckily, a lady with her kids were taking their two dogs for a walk and Chelsea hanged out with them. Oh Chelsea, will you please stopping running away?

Dear Papa

Our two burritos can not construct a letter to their Dad yet but they tell him that they love him so much many times a day. He is their best buddy when it comes to playing, story telling, and lakwatsa. They love to tag along with him everywhere he goes.

I remember when we went to the mall the other day, EJ looked in his Dad and say "I love you very much Daddy!"
Dear Papa,
It's been 7 years since you died but I am still wishing that you're still here to witness our lives, to play with out kids, and to guide us. I miss you!


This pretty butterfly was flying around us when the kids were playing at Tomlinson Run last weekend.
She was dancing in front of us, she's like saying "Come on and get me if you can."
Well thanks for her show because I took some few snaps of her and now I have something to blog about lol...
Have a nice week ahead folks!