Thursday, October 29, 2009

Give thanks...

You might be wondering why I am addicted to joining meme this month. To tell you the truth, I am enjoying the fact that I can travel the world through other people's blog especially those who always post photos and details about it on their blog. The new one that I joined in this week is the Thursday Thirteen. A meme that calls for 13 things that's in your mind. You can write whatever you have in mind at the moment.

For my first entry, I would like to give thanks to the Lord God;
  1. That my mother was healed through His power;
  2. That we are slowly moving on with our loss to my late brother;
  3. That we have food everyday;
  4. That no matter what problem comes our way, my husband and I choose not to argue about it;
  5. That my family was spared from the strong typhoon that hit Philippines (Still praying for those who are badly affected);
  6. That my children are healthy;
  7. That I learned blogging and meet good friends around the world;
  8. That my husband's tour in Korea is almost over;
  9. That we are going back to our home in 34 days;
  10. That we were given a chance to visit my family in the Philippines twice;
  11. That I have such a loving, understanding, and supportive husband;
  12. That through the help of the Navy, our travel expenses going to the Philippines when my brother died was paid for by the government; and lastly
  13. For providing us all our needs everyday, for giving us good friends and neighbors.

Thanks to the Alba Family for the hand-me-down clothing for my son.