Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Garden and Pets

Having pets is wonderful but sometimes they can be a pain especially when they're still pups.  Bolt and  Maximus has been busy  laying down on the veggie and flower garden.  Si I was forced to put some board to block them from getting into the veggie garden.
I can tolerate this  flower beds to get ruined because they already  bloomed but the veggies, I had to do something.  These irises are on the other side of our yard.
On the other side, the kids planted some corn, beans, and  tomatoes.  I told my kids a story about  planting corn  when I was growing up and they really want to experience that too.  So I bought a pack of corn seeds and let them plant it.  They are now big.  The photos were taken a couple of weeks ago.
Having a decent size yard is nice especially if you have kids and pets.  Not to mention that you can grow your own vegetables during  warm days.
The grass in our yard is looking brown because of the heatwaves that we have been getting. I feel bad for those WVnians at the bottom of the Northern Panhandle who got hit by the storm. I hope that they would get their electric back and goes back to normal again.

Wacky Wheel

While Ms. Burrito love  fast rides, Mr. Burrito is the opposite.  He chooses the rides that are slow.  He wanted to try this Wacky Wheel ride so we let him.  Ms. Burrito did not want this one so we went to the Lil' Phantom and Daddy stayed with Mr. B.
This is a classic kiddie Ferris wheel. It has 6 cars shaped like cages.

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