Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost but Lucky

I wasn't able to participate to the Camera Critters meme last week because we went down Hoopie, the place where my parents-in-law both grew up. We took Dad with us and he showed us the places where they used to play and stuff. I think, it's been so long since my FIL visited the lace that is why, we got lost. We turned the wrong way.
We got LOST but we got lucky because the owner of this ranch that we drove to were very nice. They let the kids pet the ponies and the dogs, they also got the chance to rid in the horse!
They have goats, chicken, and I think 8 horses in their ranch.
Thanks Mary and Janie for being so cordial and friendly to us even if you don't know us. You guys gave our kids a great opportunity to experience the wild side of WV.
Rylie and EJ had a blast, they sure had so much fun in going down WV.
We plan to come back there when we have a chance. It's a long drive though, It takes 2 to 3 hours to drive down there. You will never get bored though because the view are gorgeous! I'll show some more pics next time!