Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bulgogi Bibimbap

My husband told me last Sunday after we ate our favorite Korean dish "We should start making our own Bibimbap, since we like it so much." I said "okay." Well the other day, our Filipino neighbor called me up on the phone and asked me if we like Bibimbap. "Very much," I said. So she made and gave us two bowls, she said that her husband don't like it so she's the only one who eat it. It was actually pretty good, it tasted just like the real Korean Bibimbap. She made a lot so she gave me some. Thanks ate Lelet, you're the best chef around!
The title is Bulgogi Bibimbap because this one that she made has meat on it. The one we always eat in town do not have meat. So do you guys have a neighbor like mine?

So painful!

When I woke up yesterday and use the bathroom, I felt a burning sensation when I peed (urinated). It was bearable though, so when hubby told me that he was going to bring me to medical, I immediately said NO!" I hate hospital. But today the pain was unbearable and at the end of my pee, the last drops are BLOOD! I was alarmed! So I told hubby about it. Of course he said "See." Okay I am stubborn, hard head or whatever you want to call me, but as long as I can still bear the pain, I don't mind. But anyhow, I will try to go to the hospital tomorrow, so please include me in your prayers guys. Thanks a lot and good night!

Chicken Ala Carte

I was blog hopping a while ago and I saw the recent post at Kevin's blog about this video that made me cry while I was watching it. This is a reality that I always tell my kids whenever they do not want to eat. This is also a very good reminder that we have to be contented and thankful for everything that we have. Even the things that we have is not exactly the ones that we want but still we are fortunate that at least we have something, other's DON'T have anything. Please watch the video guys!