Friday, June 19, 2009

That's my Dad!

Our Dad is awesome, he is willing to teach us everything including bugs , ants, worms and other little creature you can see in the ground.
He is a loving husband and Dad! Sometimes he want to be a kid too, making silly gestures like this. He is thankful that God gave him a daughter and a son. Even when he is busy with his renovation at our basement, he is still willing to play and pose for a pic with us. For us, he is the best Sailor ever! He makes us happy with his goofy faces like this.. Our dad wants to be a jack of all trade so he knows a lot of stuff like remodeling, renovating, or whatever you call it. I am so happy that he always let me help him do chores like shoveling snow in our driveway. Sometimes, we want to think that Dad want to be a scientist because he like to do experiment like this one. Yup, for me Daddy is the honorable sailor of the Universe! See, he loves us and he always plays with us. He is wiling to be a bull just to give us satisfaction and happiness. Our dad is loving, caring, funny, witty, supportive, understanding, and crazy (in a good way). So Dad, even if you have the most stinkiest fart in the whole world, we love you because you are our only DAD! Happy Father's Day!

Enjoying the beauty of nature on weekend - Last part

This is the last part of our family bonding last weekend. Hope you guys enjoy the short tour from our place. We planned to come back in this place someday because it is a good place for the kids to run around and enjoy the scenery of the nature.
Most of the places here in the land of the morning calm has exercise path. You will seldom see chubby people here because they are very conscious with their health. One of the tour guides who went with us during our Indoc said that he gained a little weight and her mom told her that she's getting fat hehehe... Old people especially love to have their exercise everyday. Aside from healthy foods that they eat, exercise makes the Korean people healthy even at old age..
Have a nice and joyful day folks!