Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is PageRank?

When I checked my addictus hobby (blog) today, I can't believe what my eyes saw when I looked on top of my page, I saw a color green on my PageRank button. Well, at first I ignored it because I told myself maybe I was just imagining so I logged out and logged back in again to make sure that I wasn't just hallucinating.. hahaha what a term.. But anyhow, its real.. I got PR2... Yohooooo! Google finally recognize the importance of my page on the web... To those who has high rank than mine, of course you will say that PR2 is nothing, but for me its a big thing lol... So with that being said from the bottom of my HEART, I thank you all who always visit my blog because without you my blog is nothing...Kamsahamnida, salamat, gracias or however you say it...Thank YOU! According to Phil Craven PageRank is the numeric value that represents how important your site is on the web.. It is basically calculated when somebody linked up to you which is considered as a vote. Google also determine how important the vote that has been casted for you. From my understanding it's not just the number of the link you have but the importance also of the page you are linked with. The more PRsites that is link with you the better.. To learn more about PR please check the link below. source: