Monday, January 12, 2009


My husband find it amazing how Filipinos can squat like this.... That's our son, watching the Korean outside our back yard doing some construction. Everytime John will see us do a squat position he lways admire how we can do it without a problem but he can't hehehe. I always tease him "We can do it easily because our tummy is small lol". That's when he will show us his sucked in tummy hahaha.. Can you squat like that?

kids entertainment

My sister inlaw's daughter gave us a lot of VHS tapes for the kids, its a collection of many shows that my angels love to watch everyday. I am glad that we brought it here because it gives entertainment to my little ones when I am busy. We decided to cut off our cable here because we seldom use it and there are shows that's inappropriate for the kids anyway. They know how to operate the remote control now so we decided to just cut it off. That's another savings we can put aside for the kids.

not-so-good days

These are one of those days that my children don't get along well. Sometimes, they aren't very fond of each other that one likes to hear the other one cry. Drives me crazy sometimes lol, but what can you do but explain to them over and over again that it's not good to fight. I just hope that when they grow up, they won't do it to each other anymore.
Well, those parents out there, sure understand this moments.

mr. serious and ms. playful

With our two children, our daughter is always the jolly one, "always on the go" type. Our son on the other hand is always mellow, silent and serious. As you can see in the picture, he's in the deep thought while she's in the playful mood. Sometimes I worry about our son because his development is a little bit late compared to our daughter. He is turning two in 4 days but his words are not complete. He has this installment type of saying the words. Say for example the word "water" he only say "wa" he seldom complete the word. Our daughter started talking as in talk in sentences when she was 18 months old. Need some suggestions, tips or any advise you can give.. Thanks a lot!