Saturday, January 24, 2009

weaning.. engorgement... pain

Honestly, I am in agony right now because of engorgement. I started weaning my son today which, of course, he did not approve of. He was so mad and cranky today that I really didn't let him nurse. Right now I have a solid rock breast, I've tried the cold compress and will try the warm compress again coz its getting painful. Any advice anyone? I feel bad for my son though, but I just want him to eat good instead of relying on nursing. I tried weaning him a couple of months ago but I did not succeed because I felt so bad seeing him cry. My technique this time is that I discourage him from nursing by putting a dub of vinegar on my nipple, after he tasted it, he didn't attempt to nurse till now... Well he tried, but I repeated what I did this morning hehehe..
This is his reaction today! (the photo was taken last year)