Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daddy Einstien

My husband participated to a contest "Are you smarter than a CT Joy student?", the base version of "Are you smarter than a..." show on Tuesday night. The questions thrown at him were difficult that I don't even know most of them. But hubby, answered them all correctly hehehe.. Good job hon, we're so proud of you! He told us that we are his lucky charm for winning. He won $100 gift certificate. Nice timing for Christmas hehehe. Here are some of the pics. Great Job Daddy! That's an early gift from Daddy Santa!


I trimmed the sides of my hair to add layer on it last Saturday and somehow my daughter saw me do it. Well, while I was busy cooking today, my daughter got so quiet so I called her.. Here she came running with a handful of hair and said "Don't I look pretty Mom with my new hair cut?" I was like "holy crap" lol.... Here are some snapshots...
while I was fixing her hair, I was telling her not to do it anymore. She cried and told me "I'm so sorry Mom, I promise I won't do it anymore". Gosh, kids are so ornery. When hubby arrived I told her the story and he was laughing because he remembered doing it too when he was a kid... No wonder!