Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday EJ!

Oh boy, time flies fast really. My son just turned five years old today (1/15) and he doesn't want to becalled baby anymore wahhh. My little man is growing up and he is slowly slipping from Mommy's  hands.  A special thanks to my SIL Chris for making a beautiful and yummy cake!
We had a  small get together yesterday attended by close friends and family.  My husband  drove to my FIL's home so he could attend Mr. Burrito's party yesterday.  He doesn't drive when it's  late  because of his vision.    
Another year  is another blessing for us with my FIL still around.  He will turn 90 in a few months and I am so glad that  my  children can still enjoy his company!  We love you Dad!
Thanks everyone for coming and for the presents.  More pics coming up later.