Monday, January 17, 2011

Kids Section

I transferred Rylie's arts and crafts table and chair at the corner of our dining room to give our living room more room for the guests during Mr. Burrito's birthday. The kids actually loved it there, everyone tried to sat there and did some scribbling and stuff.
Haley and  Ms. Burrito  enjoying their food.  Little Gracie joined them afterwards.
After eating,  they did some  drawing and stuff.  Below is with the celebrant.
Then Jake took over when Mr. Burrito left.
Glad the  kids had fun during the celebration.  The big kids  enjoyed playing at our basement.  Our hardwood fllor got tore up though from  the  bicycles and stuff wahh..

Sorry folks if I wasn't around much lately, I just have a lot of things going on around here.  Today was a holiday so Ms. Burrito did not have a classes.   I tried to  teach both of the burritos some lessons from the book that I bought in the store.  Ms. Burrito is doing pretty good with the first grader book while Mr. B's span of attention is very very short.  It frustrates me to teach him but I know that in time, he would focus eventually.    I just need more patience in teaching him.  

Thanks for visiting  guys and for leaving your thoughts all the time.

Best Friend

 Our little socialite Gracie  was super excited when she saw Justine yesterday.  She immediately gave  Ms. J a hug.  The whole time that they were here, they played and  did some  writing together.
 Little Gracie cried when  Ms. J  went home.  She wanted  to go with them lol.
Aren't they so sweet?