Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Displays

I mentioned at my other blog that we went for a walk at my FIL's neighborhood a couple of days ago.
There were some spookty displays at some of the houses we passed through.
EJ was so worried about the  foot  above lol.
Wacky poise time, yay!
A ghost passed by when  Ms. Burrito took a picture of me and hubby.  Nah, just kidding.
It was dark when we came back, we saw some deers in front of the  college campus.
Spoooooooky shadows.
Not sure what kind of flower is this.
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Wedding anniversary is always a joyous moment for a couple to celebrate. It reminds us of the very day that we said our vows. Whenever my husband and I celebrate our anniversary, I always feel nostalgic because my father wasn't there to celebrate with us anymore during our nuptial.  My eldest brother had to send me to the altar during that special day  but sadly my brother is now gone too.  Both my late father  and brother  reminds me of my wedding day.

On the lighter note, I want to share  to you the  simple gifts that hubby and I gave each other  for our anniversary.

I ordered this Magnetic Levitating Globe at Red Envelope   weeks before  our anniversary so hubby won't see it.  He always surprised me present so this time I told him not to get me anything so I could  make it up to him.
He like it and the kids like it too because  the globe  is floating and they find it very entertaining while  learning different countries.  We always wanted to buy a big globe when we were still in Korea but we never got the chance to get one  over there.  This one might be small but good enough for the kids to explore the  world.
I told hubby not to get me anything but  I was surprised when he handed me this wireless mouse.  He knows that I  was struggling with my old mouse so he got me this  cute one.  Now I don't have to deal with the wire and everything.  Thanks hon!
Speaking of being nostalgic, I have a meme called Nostalgia at my Nostalgic Marveling blog.  Your post could be anything that reminds you of a place, somebody, or something such as Old pictures, souvenir from friends, family, or place that you visited, Experience or story.   Join  me every Thursday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Battle with Cancer is Over

We visited my FIL this evening and  we got a phone call  from my SIL informing us about my brother-in-law'Dave's passing.  We are expecting it to happen but still  so painful to finally hear the news.  We thank God that He ended  Dave's pain already.    The whole family would like to thank  all of you who  offered prayer for him.   We are in deep sorrow and your prayers are our comfort!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


These two are always  overjoyed  when all the leaves at my FIL's  front yard fell already.  It gives them something to do.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Walk with Neighbor

We went for a walk with our neighbor Don last weekend around our neighborhood.
The sky was beautiful that day as you can see in the photos.
I forgot what this tree is called but  ur neighbor told us about it.  He said that this is considered as a medicinal plant.
Mr. Burrito wanted to play tennis  hehehe.  Thanks Sarah for letting Mr. B  play with your things.
 We also seen  one of our neighbors flying his  battery operated  toy plane.  Mr. Burrito wanted to try it but we told him   not to as the owner said  it takes a lot of practice to maneuver the toy plane.
Thanks Mr. Fancher for taking  us a picture and for  walking with us.
It was nice  walking with our neighbor.  I'll post   the rest of the photos next time as we ended our trip picking up some walnuts from one of our neighbors yard.  Join and link your favorite col9or with us every Friday with Color Connection.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Horseback Riding at Janoski's Farm

After petting some of the animals like goats, llama, sheep, and ducks at the  entrance of Janoski's Farm, the kids tried horse back riding. 
They wanted to do it over ad over again but the line was a little long and there are so much to do in there that we were not able to  do it again.
Mr. Burrito refused to ride on the horse that is guided by a guy, he picked this one with a lady guide lol.
Wish I could  ride in the horse too lol.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Our kids really love the speedway area at Janoski's Farm.  They rode those big bike over and over again even under the heat of the sun.
Watching my kids always reminds me of my childhood... always full of energy!