Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Lights

We went to the store a couple of weeks ago and see the heated mattress pads on sale, we were going to get three so we could use it this Winter but our budget wasn't enough that day that we decided to just  get it later.  That would be one of the things that I still need to get so we could all sleep at night comfortably in this frigid weather.  My kids will  have a two hour  early dismissal today because we are suppose to have a  freezing rain and then snow  later today. Hopefully they get out before the  snow starts coming down.

Anyway, I am sharing some snap shots I took  over the weekend when we decided to  drive around and see some lights.  First up is the city's traditional light display which started  two years ago.

This one is simple but beautiful.

This big house has  a full display of different things.  Please remember that these are quick snaps  so they are not  great hehehe.

As we were coming up the hill, I saw the lit up cross on top of the Baptist church.

 I forgot to  turn off the  flash so our car's  wind shield  made the image like the cross is floating..  You can see  my reflection in it too hehehe.  Have a safe weekend ya'all!