Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Sister

 Here's a bonding moment for Ms. Burrito and Bumble Bee.
Ms. Burrito love to take care of Bumble Bee.  She acts like a big sister to her.  Whatever I do, I have to tell her so she can help in doing it.  Sometimes, I get tired of hearing "It's my turn" to hold the baby from both of my burritos.  
Thanks for visiting folks and for commenting. We are having Ms. Gracie (not Bumble Bee)  today so Mr. Burrito is happy that he will have somebody to play with while  his sister is in school.

Nala and Simba

When  Mr. Burrito saw these two lions at Pittsburgh Zoo, he  remembered the  story  on the book that I used to read to them about the  two lions, their names are Nala and Simba.  So Mr. Burrito calls these two Nala and Simba.