Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last Hurrah of the Summer

A close friend invited us over to their house to swim.  I told my husband that we would surprise the kids  and that we should not  tell them about it.  I [packed their swimming  stuff and towels and put it in the car before they come home from school,  So when they got home, we told them that their piano  lesson was moved at an earlier time so we have to leave  real soon.  They changed their uniform and grabbed their books and off we went.  They were not paying attention when  we were driving  so they did not realize where we are going until we made that turn and they finally saw where were at.  They asked why we were there, we told them that I have to drop off something.  We bought a cake  at Gus's Goodies.  When we parked, the kids asked if they can go down the car nd say hi to the kids.  We said yes.
 When we  got to their  baclyard, the other kids were in their swimsuit and our kids was like wondering.  So we spilled the beans and told them to change their  clothes and  swim.  They were so shocked lol.  We got them really good.  My son kept telling me "Mom,, you lied to us!"  I told him that it was a good lie hahaha.
 They really had a great time out there.
 These two are BFFs, they are like two peas in a pod. I love watching them   have fun.
I hope that when they grow up that they will still be friends.  So this was their last hurrah of the summer this year.  Although, EJ got sick the next morning, at least they have enjoyed to the fullest.