Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My sister in law, Chris, built this swing for Ms. Burrito when she was a baby.  
It has a stand but I decided to put it on our back porch since it was just sitting in our basement unused.
Now it is their favorite thing to unwind when they get tired of running around the backyard and just want to breath fresh air.
Mr. Burrito said, it's very relaxing to just swing while  drinking his milk hehehe.
I removed all the junk that has piled up in our porch so we could use the space for relaxation.
Put a little bit of accent in it too.  We  are planning to  find a  small set of table and chair  or a coffee table set that we can sit in when  having a siesta  or coffee break.
Now that  warm days is in full force, our back porch is a nice place to UNWIND  when we are at home.

Kids play pretend Camping

Nothing else to do? Take out those camping gears and whip it up in your backyard, that's what we did the other day.
They wanted for us to sleep there but I did not let them since the  tent that they have isn't  that secure from bugs and other stuff.
We plan to buy a real tent and maybe camp in our backyard one night.  Maybe even on Fall, we just need our patio heater to be plugged in.
This is something that we never did for real yet.
Hoping that someday we would.

Playful Visit

We visited my BIL Dave last Thursday to see how he is doing. Thank you everyone for your prayers, he is now recovering well. He can now walk around. A nurse from Trinity goes to their house everyday to check on his open stomach. Yes, they left open to make sure that the infection is treated well. I think when they see that it's free from infection already, they will sew it back.

He has a visitor when we arrived so we went to the back first and play with Jack since we brought Champ  with us.  I spotted some interesting shadows.
While my daughter was swinging,Jack decided to join her.
Then Champ jumped  in too lol.
I had fun watching  Ms. Burrito and the doggies.