Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day Visit to my FIL at Gables Care Center

Our  children and my husband were all  off  on President's day so we all went  to Gables Care Center where my father-in-law is being taken care of.  The old folks have just got done  eating lunch when we got there so  we were  glad to  see  my FIL awake, however, he was already dozing off.  I think he was given   his medicine  after he ate so  he was falling asleep as we were talking to him.  He didn't talk very much, we let him take  a nap.
 We noticed that Dad lost some weight since our last visit.   I feel bad  for my father-in-law.  I know that he is well taken care of in that facility but it's hard that we  only get to see him once in a while. I don't know why but I feel  this overwhelming  feeling of depression whenever we are  at a seniors' facility.  Looking at  the old people  that seem miserable makes me depressed.  I can't help but think of  a future  scenario for me and my husband.  I hope that when it is time for us to go,  we can go peacefully so  we won't be a burden to anybody.  
Before we left, my daughter played some songs  at the piano for  some of the old people in the lobby.  One of the nurses there gave us a picture of Dad  and his valentine date on Valentine's day.  Another nurse approached me and asked if I am a Filipino.  She wanted to know because  she is half Filipino  and she said that she seldom see Filipino at that facility.  She  talked to us for a little while and she told us that she knows  my  FIL.  They all call him Pap.  
It was a short visit with Dad but glad to see him again.   We didn't get to talk to him a lot  but  just to see him is enough.  We  will have to go back there again  when we get a chance.  I just wish he is near  us so we can visit often.

That was the last time we visited him at Gables.  He was rushed to the hospital on March 1st.  The doctor said that  he  had a flu then it became a sepsis.  He was treated at Trinity for it and he got better.  He was supposed to go back to Gables last week but  the doctor found out that his  internal organs were shutting down.  We all went at the hospital   last Friday because the doctor said that he won't last  very long.  He got transferred to the hospice that night and then he died  last Saturday.  I know that we have anticipated it is going to happen but it is  a tough situation.  Losing someone who touched so many lives is hard.  We will forever cherished all the great memories we had with him.  Rest in peace now Dad.