Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being a Mom

Motherhood is the most rewarding career. For me, nothing can top the feeling of becoming a Mom, even the most expensive stone on earth couldn't pay the joy that a mother has.
Simple messages and notes  that comes from your children always makes you feel like you are th most richest person in the world.
Some might disagree with what I have stated above but it's just my own opinion, I will respect yours.
Motherhood is like using barcode labels because you use different strategy for different occasions.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We are attending a memorial service in town at 11 am. Enjoy the holiday and freedom bestowed on us by those men and women in uniform who died serving and defending the country.
Photo was taken yesterday beside the old fire station in Weirton.  Here's a bleeding heart bloom to celebrate the Memorial Day!
Whenever we go visit  my in-laws, I always find time for myself with my camera.  Photography is my way of  having ME-time.