Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fly like a bird

EJ was six months old in these photographs and Rylie was two years old. Isn't it amazing how time flies that children grow up instantly. Now our son is turning two while my daughter is 3 years old, soon enough they're gonna start going to school. Gosh thinking about that makes me feel sad and at the same time happy. Sad because I am going to miss their childhood but happy because they are growing up while I am still around. I am glad that I am a stay home Mom, I see and experience every little thing that our children does. It must be hard for those mother's who work full time and their time with thier kids are limited.
Spend time with your kids while they still want to be around you. I heard from other parents that once your kids hit teen age, they start doing their thing on their own.

Missing home

We had a family talk this morning and my daughter suddenly remembered our house and family back in West Virginia so we looked through all our photos on the computer and our albums too. It is so hard to be away from your family especially to the little kids. Rylie misses her Pap so much. She misses every little thing that her and Dad does.

These pictures were taken in front of my father-in-laws house while they are playing and picking flowers in the flower bed. Rylie used to pick flowers and gave it to us, sweetest gestures that I will never forget!

one of a kind

We bought this heart shaped sayote squash at the asian store in Pittsburgh Pynselvannia last year and I found it very unique. You seldom find a vegetable shape like that, that's my first time seeing one. This was taken at the kitchen of our house back in the mainland. This picture makes me miss our home kitchen, I can't wait till we can go back there again.