Sunday, December 26, 2010


 As I have mentioned on my previous  post, we attended our friend's daughter's baptism yesterday.   We woke up early because the baptism ceremony is at 10 am and I promised Manay that I would make a pan of lasagna. 
My men were in suits.  EJ  wore the  suit that her Ninang Agnes gave him as Christmas  gift last year.
 We stayed at Manay's house  for hours.  One of the Filipinas who came brought her  Videoke mic so we sing and sing till they get tired of hearing us hahaha.
 Sophie did not cry when Fr. Dean  poured that water in her forehead.
 Below were taken in front of the church when we were leaving.  Hubby snapped  some shots  with me and the kids.
 We  went home after the ceremony to get the food and change our  clothes.  Family picture first before  taking off our clothes.  It seldom that my men wear their suit so I  asked them that we should have a pic weee.
Thanks for commenting and for your visits everyone.  I owe you a lot already, I just don't have enough time to bloghop these days..

Fun with Gracie

These were the  other shots that I took when we  baby sit our dearest Gracie.  The kids really had  so much fun playing with chubby little cheeks.
Rylie did great and she kept telling me that she really want a  baby sister hehehe.
You ca see how eager she was in playing with  Gracie.
Thank you so much folks for visiting.. I have been absent in bloghopping for days.  The Cottrill's have a lot of activities even if it's school vacation.
We will be out again tomorrow for Sophie's baptism.