Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Children of the Woods

We took the kids at Tomlinson Run after we attended church last Sunday.  The kids  had so much fun when we explored the creek and found some  craw fish and they wanted to do it again.  So we did that and then we dropped by at the picnic area so they could  play in the playground a little bit.

One of the  many things that I love about my husband is his love for  children.  He is always there for them.  He is the kind of Dad who loves to play  with  the kids no matter how  tired he is from  working.

They both crashed  on the way home as they were very tired from those walking and walking around.

Car Rental During our Vacation Orlando Florida.

Two years ago, we had  a grand time exploring Disney World.

Our vacation package deal includes a car, a hotel  accommodation, and  plane tickets.  During our first day, we decided to ride  a bus going to Disney and that was a big mistake because we ended up  hiring a taxi to take us  back to the hotel.

We learned our lessons so the  succeeding days, we just drove our rented car.