Monday, January 26, 2009

What do I Love about My HUSBAND!

I been tagged by Umma, Madz, and Beth. I'm sorry ladies for posting this so late, I been busy with my new project here at home (weaning my son hehehe). This is a timing tag for my luvvyduvvyhubby because he will be celebrating the biggest milestone of his life, the beginning of his LIFE.... Yep, he will be 40 years young next month!
First and foremost I love JOHN because he is what he is. He is a great husband to me and great Dad to our children. He love playing with our kids, tells them stories, read them books and take care of them when I'm away.
I love him because he understand my obligation to my family. He knows the Filipino traditions and cultures well, so helping my family in the Philippines financially is never a problem to him. Even if I told him that he is not oblige to support them, he still insist that we send them.I love him because he is goofy, silly and funny. Laughter is what spice up our relationship from the very beginning. There is never a dull moment with him, which makes our life together interesting and joyful all the time.I love him because he understand the full meaning of a family. We are always his priority among everything else. He always set aside what he wants for the sake of his love to us.

I love him because he is humble and good communicator. When I am mad, I don't talk but John wouldn't let the day pass by without us being reconciled. Even on times that I am the one on the wrong side, he is the one saying sorry.

Thank you for making me marry you, for understanding my imperfections and for putting up with my attitude sometimes. I love you!

I would love to pass this tag to Ate Weng, Clarissa, Anne, Malou and Faye.

Year of the Ox

Kung Hei Fat Choi... Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I was reading the yahoo news today and I saw the astrology that they released for this year. 2009 is the Year of the OX so it might be good or bad for me coz I was born in the year of the OX. But anyhow, here is the Overview about the OX. The rating for the Ox is 52% (3 favorable 5 neutral and 4 unfavorable months) Oh no, I'm scared of the unfavorable months hehehe..

The Ox can do well this year through steady progress. There may be a number of experiences that will provide great joy for the Ox. One area, in particular, is the Ox's personal life. You may see an addition to the family. You will be surrounded by those who care. Look for the early summer months to attend many social occasions, providing many new faces in your social circle. One area of focus is to be open to the advice of others, as you tend to keep your issues to yourself. Overall, your own year can be one that you will look back on with pride and a genuine sense of achievement.
Career In 2009, the Oxen will be given many opportunities to further your plans and goals, as well as consolidate your position. Steady progress is the position where the Ox is most comfortable and that is where you will find yourself this year. You will also have a chance to impress and gain support from those around you. This is a good year to enhance your skills and add to your repertoire with added training or study. You will be satisfied in knowing that anything you do this year will repay you in this year and the years to come. The months of May, late August and September may mark a change in your career. Relationships 2009 will be a year of personal happiness. For the single Ox, there may be a chance to engage in new and meaningful friendships, romance, and possibly even marriage. Others will take comfort in their domestic and social lives. Being an Ox year, this is one that will provide enjoyment for you as long as you allow it. Beware of your strong will and do not allow any minor disagreements to escalate and put a damper on a fine year. May is a month that will highly favor a chance meeting or a heightened level in a relationship. Health Health matters don't seem to be too much of a concern for the Ox this year, as you are good at implementing some sort of physical activity into your routine. The Ox's discipline does well to carry over into your health. It never hurts to find ways to improve in this area, so don't discount anything that will improve the quality of your life. Even though there may not be any large issues, stress can be a surmounting factor to be aware. Wealth The Ox could enjoy an improvement financially, but you may face a number of large expenses over the year. To maneuver your budget through the year of the Ox, exercise care and sensible spending. It would be wise to seek professional advice when it comes to any speculative ventures or risky investments that create some sense of doubt.

Do you wanna find out yours?

halo halo

My husband went to Daego the other day and he bought us some halo halo mix from the Commissary. When Rylie saw it yesterday, she let me make her some. My husband crushed ice from our blender and I just put the whole jar of the halo halo mix in a bowl with the ice and add milk in it and tadah, we had a Filipino dessert hehehe. Too bad the picture that I took can't be downloaded because our digicam acted up again so I had to reformat it which means erasing everything in it.. sigh... sayang! But i found this picture in Google, thanks Mr. G.