Monday, November 15, 2010


Mommy, I want to play and look like an alien. Does this one works?
Oh no, there's an alien  girls roaming around the house!  I'm scared!
Aha, gotcha Mom!  It's fun to play like an alien.  
Good morning everyone, it's just another one silly moments in our household.  Hope you guys are having a fine day.  Hubby just hung up the phone, he was  pissed that  he got stuck in the traffic.  He said that a driver who is texting on the  cellphone got  a wreck on the road and it caused a big  traffic.  He is going to miss his classes.  Oh boy, when  will other people realize that driving  while  texting or taking on the phone is dangerous.  I hope it serve as a  lesson for them next time.
Below is my daughter's score on her weekly  pop corn exam.  They keep misspelling my daughter's name, oh boy..
Have a lovely day everyone!

New iPad

My husband brought home the new iPad that he got for free  from his school during the Veteran's Day.  It has a nice pouch with their school logo on it.  We still haven't use it yet as we have to activate the  wifi connection from AT&T to be able to use internet.   It's really nice when you get an electronic product for free.  Thanks to the Veteran Affair's  department  of his school for the generosity.

I was looking at the selection of the  lapdesk at Room It Up and found a   beautiful one that would be nice to use when travelling.  It has a built in cup holder which would be nice to put your drinks in while working on something on your laptop.