Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Woods

Here are some more of the photos that my husband took when we went to my BIL's property in Chester.  This is why I never leave my camera everywhere I go.  I think there are occasion where I forgot my house keys or car keys but  never my camera lol.
I just want my kids to see what we  did in the past  as a family.  I am sure that they will forget some of the things as they are still very young  but with pictures, they will remember.
As we returned to my BIL's house, we saw this little chipmunk looking at us.  You may see him in big picture by enlarging the  photo, just click  any of the  photos you would like to see.
We look forward to going back there again. We   always enjoy being with nature and  it's a good photo opportunities too when you are  in the woods  you know, lol.  Link  with me every Friday through ColoConnection.  You can post any color that you like.  

Whitney Farms

My kids and I  did some gardening today when we came back home from our family walk.  We decided to   re-plant some bean seeds to replace the ones that we planted earlier.  The birds were picking the leaves  that their growth was affected.  II am a little disappointed about  the progress of our  plants this year.  Everything seems to  so slow and   don't look as healthy as last year.  I think, it would have something to do with the crazy weather that we have had from last month.  I may have to invest into a good  plant food like organic plant food from  Whitney Farms®.  They also have organic soil which is perfect to use for a family like us who has kids and dogs that want to dig into the garden all the time.  In fact, I got upset with our little Max   a couple of days ago because he ruined the herbs that  me and my daughter have planted.  Even the lettuce got tore up because he  ran around it and dug some holes on the ground.  Oh boy, when you have pets and kids, they are your main  concern and priority so you have to take them into consideration  for the things that you use in the garden.  My flower garden seems to be ding well but my vegetable garden isn't.  Maybe, it just need a little TLC front  Whitney Farms.  Visit the link above gys and  enjoy the $3 coupon off.  Nurture your love of gardening with a little hep from the above company.