Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Night Time Predator

One of the main problems we're having, being overseas, is the mosquitoes. Our house is located near a mountain with trees. During summer time, mosquitoes are everywhere. Every time we open our door, some of them manage to sneak in. Then later that night, they attack us....especially our daughter.
My husband and daughter are very sensitive to mosquito bites; swelling occurs easily and it takes time for the bites to fade. Our daughter often wakes in the middle of the night complaining about the itching sensation caused by the numerous bites she aquired while being asleep. We try to keep her body covered as much as possible but they still attack her face.
We became so fed up with the situation that we purchased a small mosquito tent which fits nicely over a twin mattress. So far, we have had success, not a single bite and she sleeps through the night. Thank God! I hope that these "blood thirsty" little beasts won't bother my daughter anymore. Our only concern now is crawling insects. This area is known for its heavy population of centipedes. We must always ensure these invaders can't get inside the net. We pray to God for continued success.
Even now that is cold already, we still see some mosquitoes flying around. I am glad that in two weeks time, we're outta here. I'll sure miss Korea but not the mosquitos!