Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

The students of Madonna High School has once again sponsored  an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on April 4th at the Rectory  backyard.  We came ion 3 minutes late  from the  scheduled start so they were not able to participate.  Some of the Moms and kids gave them some candies though. 
 We did not  stay very long there so we  visited my  father-in-law.  I did  some cleaning  while my kids bond with Dad.  He told us that his younger sister is coming from Ohio so  I straightened his  house a little bit.  My sister in law does  most of the  house keeping at Dad ever since he got some sort of dementia.
 Then we came home and  colored some eggs.  The kids always look forward to this activity at home during Easter.  If you want to save more for Easter  projects and other upcoming holidays, you can get some coupons to use online. It is always good to find coupons before going on a shopping trip because it an really save you big bucks.
 The "Easter Bunny" left each of them an Easter  basket filled with goodies on Sunday.
 After I fried the lumpia we went and  celebrated with the whole family.
 My brother-in-law Rick, and sister-in-law Crystal watching the kids  look for eggs in the yard. 
 Here's Aunt Peg, they came down from Ohio to celebrate Easter with us.
 Gracie showing her prize to be claimed.  My SIL and NIL prepared so many eggs  with candies, prizes, and money.
 Aunt Peg, Uncle Wes, and Dad.
 The kids had a lot of fun mingling and playing with the other kids.
 I can tell that Dad was very happy having all the people he love gathered together on this  special occasion.
 I thank God for giving us the opportunity to be with the whole family.  It is always nice to catch with what everybody  is up to.  Because of busy schedules, we rarely see each other even though we live close.  Dad is our main magnet to be together.  Even though Dad think it would be his last for every occasion, I feel like  God continues to  bless him more time with us because he is doing  a purpose for all of us.  I will be looking forward for the  next coming Easters with Dad still with us.