Sunday, May 21, 2017

Visiting Loved Ones at the Cemetery During #MothersDay

After attending mass at the church, we ate    dinner at Theo Yianni's, and then  we  proceeded to  the Chapel Hill Cemetery to visit   loved ones ( my husband's parents and two brothers.)  We usually visit my FIL  on special occasions when he was still around and this was the first time that we celebrated without him so we went to the cemetery to visit them.  
 I had to take my shoes off because it was   slushy and muddy due to the rain from previous days.
 I wish that I could have met my MIL but I wasn't able to come  before she passed.  I did talk to her on the phone when I was still in my country and she seemed really nice.
 It's sad to think that  my FIL won't be around anymore for my children's graduations and other occasion but  I hope that he would be looking down still.
I am thankful for the gift of  life, for my children, for my husband and for the good life we live here on earth.  I pray that I would still be around to witness  my  children's  different   stages in life and hope to see grandchildren in the future.  My prayer for Mother's Day is that, may the good Lord   blessed my children good health and may they  grow up to be good people and be successful in life.