Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homemade Treats from Tita

My sister-in-law gave the kids some valentine treats. She put it in a heart-shaped box which he personally made from a cardboard box and covered it with cloth.  She made all  the goodies inside the  hearty box, the cookies,  chocolate candies, and more home made treats.  Thanks a lot Tita Chris!
Butch had some fun time  bonding with the Burritos.  It is so much fun to celebrate valentine's day with family and fur friends.
Ms. Burrito made this card  for me.  Thanks Anak!
Have a great week ahead everyone.

Snowy Weekend

Snow poured on us last Saturday and this morning.  We brought  Mr. Burrito to the doctor then we visited my FIL afterwards.
The Burritos won't pass this opportunity to   go sled riding with their Dad.
Hubby baked a cake  after the sled ride fun  and Ms. Burrito  put the icing on.
Ms. Burrito played  piano a little bit and Mr. Burrito on the other hand swept Pap's  walkway.
How about you guys?  How's the weekend at your end?