Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exciting Magic Carpet Ride

 Another exciting ride for the kids that we all tried is  the magic carpet of Aladdin.  To ignore my dizziness, I busied myself by taking  photos  of things I see while the ride was spinning and we are on  on top lol.
 Since the it was a fast ride, I wasn't able to capture  the whole images, just some part of it.
 The Daddies are uber sports with  all the rides hehehe.
  The Mommies are in charge in documenting   all the  magic moments hehehe.
I know I have been posting all Disney World pictures and I hope that you are not getting bored hahaha.  There's a lot to see and experience out there that you can't stop yourself from taking photos.  There's a lot more to come lol