Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The World of Animals

After  our exciting tour  and rough ride  exploring the Kilamanjari Safari, we  decided to  go to Pangani Forest.  We went inside the World of animals, we enjoyed the   cool  temp inside while learning different kinds of critters.
These are painted on the wall.
 A world in conflict.. lol.  Peace hon!
Come on guys, smile, the critters is not gonna hurt you hehehe.  They were so serious and I got the impression that they were worried  that  animals will jump down somewhere lol..
I am so glad that this  part of Animal Kingdom attraction don't have a lot of people where you have to move inch by inch to get through unlike the other attractions
.I am not really sure if this little guy is an iguana but most of the kids were fascinated as  the lady  tell them facts about the critters.  

Refreshment from Lickity Split

We went for a walk a cuple f days at my FIL's neighborhood. Our Burritos rode their bike and then we dropped by at Lickity Split to buy some refreshments.
Ms. Burrito had  watermelon slush puppie smoothie float.  It's funny, Mr. Burrito said he did not want any but I know how he is, I ordered him a cherry flavor of spsf and sure enough, he liked it.
Hubby had a strawberry milkshake.
We sat at their outside lounge so I took photo of this planter full of flowers.
While waiting for my husband's milkshake.
Thanks for dropping by!