Friday, October 30, 2015

A Summer Job They BOth Love

These past summer, one of our neighbor hire the kids to take care of their dog whenever they're at work.  The kids were very happy because  they find something to do  during their school break.  I   was so glad too because  at a young age, my kids are starting to appreciate having a "job" and earning from it.  So you see, just because  they work for it, they learn to value their money.  
 I mean, I have no issue with my daughter in saving money but my son is a spender.  This  "job" however , changed his perception about  spending.  He learned that, it feels better to  work and "earn" from it.  He saved all his "summer job" pay in his wallet and hasn't  spend it yet.  He said that he will continue to save his money so that when he is old enough to drive, he has some saved up already to buy his own car.  I think, in his mind, buying a car is like buying a box of donutt lol.  But it's okay, at least he is  setting a goal for him to work on.
 I love that our neighbors dogs are so gentle.  They are big dogs but really gentle with kids.
 We had a great summer and these dogs are part of it.  Dog sitters is a summer job they both love.
Our children are still young but hubby and I  are  planting seed in their young mind that  it is very important to be active.  We told them the importance of  work and working hard to achieve  goals.