Tuesday, January 20, 2009

swarovski flowers

My husband sent me this as his first valentine gift. Instead of sending fresh flowers, he sent me this swarovski roses. I can't get a good picture though because of the reflection.. I appreciate things like this more than a fresh flower, do you know why? Because I can keep this flower till I die while fresh flowers only last for so many days right. But of course I like recieving fresh flowers too hahaha... Conflict of interest lol...
Good night everyone!


I cooked a pack of pork tocino this morning and it was sooooooooo good... I prefer tocino more than longanisa because I don't like the salty taste in the latter hehehe. John like tocino too but he prefer longanisa more than the other. We compliment each other when it comes to things. We're kind of Ying and Yang hehehe.. That is why, I don't have any problem with him with things.