Monday, March 2, 2009

digital camera

When I first saw a digital camera, I thought that it was pretty awesome. I got used to seeing the old cameras where you can't see the pictures that you take in the screen. So when my husband visited me for the first time and gave me our Olympus Camedia Digital Camera, I was very happy because I love taking pictures. Our camera is more than five years old already and it is getting worn out. It failed me two to three times already and losing those especial moments that you capture is real bummer. When my husband went to Japan last week, he told me that he found a digital camera on sale but he did not buy it. He doesn't want to replace our old camera yet.

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  1. i was actually planning to buy g9 instead of a dslr because they almost have same features, only g9 is a bit portable. So if you're planning to buy digicam, i think g10 is good =)


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