Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working Shadows

My FIL mentioned that he was going to clean the gutters of his house and hubby told him that he is going to help him. John knows that Dad does not like to wait so the next day, when he called Dad to ask him about it, he wasn't answering the phone so hubby knows that he is doing it already. He got worried so went there and sure enough he is starting it already. So hubby finished the job for him
So here are the shadows of my husband in action. Our little man, wanted to go up and help his Dad up there too.
Alright, be very careful. I know that you are afraid of heights lol.
Congratulations to Tracy for reaching the 100th posts for Shadow Shot Sunday, this is my contribution right here.
Does the shadow of this one count?
How about the shadows of the plants and car? Happy shadow hunting guys!