Friday, October 11, 2013

Cleaning Tips from BISSELL

This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

We finally got rid of the old stove that we had at the basement.  It has been sitting at our garage and it was taking too much space down there.  We missed the  pick up for appliances but our neighbor said to just put it out because some people are going around picking up stuff  like appliances so they can sell it at the  recycling  places.  We did that and we also  ditched  two of our old  exercise machines that we   don't use anymore.  I was surprised that  an hour after we put them out,  a couple of vehicle drove by and asked us if they can have the stuff we laid  out  at our driveway.  We  told them that they have it all.  You can definitely find cash in  a trash.  

Anyway, I am planning to clean our garage this weekend so I gather some cleaning tips from BISSELL and some ideas on how to  orderly organized  tools  and other things down there.  I also enter to win the sweepstakes that they are running right now.  You can enter too for a chance to win great prizes.  I am trying my luck because I would like to have a lightweight vacuum that I can use   both from  upstairs and downstairs just like the one in the photo.

Right now, they are offering $20 off when you use the POWERGLIDE coupon code plus a free shipping.  The offer is valid through November 30th so if you are in the market to buy something lightweight, check out BISSELL and enjoy their   discount.

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Donated School Uniforms

Before the   classes started, one of the Moms invited me  to sort our the donated school uniforms in our children's school.  Somebody gave me uniforms before but they were too big for my daughter so I just donated it back to school.  The school sells these  uniforms  for a very  cheap price for those  interested parents.  Some of the uniforms are brand new.
These donated uniforms are from families who transferred from other schools.  Most of the stuff that we sorted  out, we re-donated it to Goodwill.

While the Moms were sorting out the uniforms,  we set up  a picnic for the kids at the   field.  They played while we work.

Indian Caves in Aruba

This post brought to you by Aruba Tourism Authority. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was browsing the Aruba travel website and surprised the read about the Indian caves over there.  Aruba definitely offers unlimited  entertainment and  fun events to do while vacationing.  Golfer, shoppers, party-goers, diners, you name it, there are plenty of activities for every individual  who wants to do different stuff.

If you love peace  and quite, you have that, of you are on the adventurous side, you can try  riding the mountain bikes or all-terrain vehicles.  I think I would stay in the beach just because I love to  be in touch with the  sea.  It would make me feel like visiting my own  country where beaches are everywhere.

After watching the video below, it makes me  whisper "I want to go there someday!"

Some of the world's class chef prepares  culinary  selection that any taste buds can enjoy.  ow that's the part that I won't forget if I visited  such a beautiful island like that of Aruba.  It is always exciting to try the diverse  selection of foods around the world.  Would you put Aruba in your wish list of places to travel?  Share your thoughts and let's talk about it.

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