Saturday, November 23, 2013


My daughter is a daddy's girl. She always wants an alone time with her Dad. She is closer to him than me as we are a total opposite for moist stuff.  Sometimes he would ask her Dad to go for a walk just so  they could have a Daddy-Daughter bonding without   me and my son.  My son on the other hand is a Momma's Boy.

Anyway, here are  some photos my husband took of   our daughter when they went for a walk last month. Playing peekaboo.

I always ask my husband to take the camera whenever they go out without me so I won't miss the moment even if I wasn't with them, I can still see what they did.

Campus Book Rentals gives Back to Operation Smile

A month ago, my husband talked to his boss about his plan of pursuing his master's program. He was going to do it when he first started to work at the company but put it on hold because he wasn't sure of how his new job will turn out. Now that he likes the job and he found out that the company is paying for 90% of the school tuition, he got interested In order for the company to pay for the 90%, he has to take the course that is related in his job which bums him out because he wanted to take something else. Well, after the assessment of how much he needs to pay the 10% part and the books, he is again putting it on hold. I told him to just go ahead because there are companies online where he can get his book for less like the Campus Book Rentals. They offer different kind of perks such as:  

  • save 40-90% off of bookstore prices 
  • free shipping both ways 
  • can highlight in the textbooks 
  • flexible renting periods 
  • we donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
Campus Book Rentals has a new new program called  RentBack.  RentBack is new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students.  This is what I am telling my husband about because he has   books that he formerly have when he took his  degree in college.  He can  list them at Campus Book Rentals and make money out of it which could in turn be used to buy the book he needs.   He can also  sell the books at the end of the semester which is a win win situation.  I don't know, whatever his decision is, I am just here to support.

Campus Book Rentals is one of those companies that  helps charities like the Operation Smile. It's nice to know that not only they are offering affordable books for the college students and other students pursuing to get their degrees but they are also helping unfortunate ones to have a beautiful smile.   For each book rented, a portion of it is being donated to  Operation Smile.  Please watch the  video below to see how it works.
Thank you for dropping by and have a great weekend y'all!