Tuesday, July 15, 2008

creepy prank call

I was on my innermost concentration this morning, trying to finish the 3Ps opps when our phone startled me. I picked it up and answered "Hello, good morning!" The voice on the other line murmured/whispered something but I couldn't understand what he was saying. It gave me chill on my nerve. I said hello again and he said something and laughed in his creepy voice and said "yo bo se yo" a Korean way of answering the phone, and then he laughed again and hang up on me. I'm so pissed and terrified.. So when I got done posting the job, I called my husband and asked him if he's the one who tried to scare me, thinking that he was just kidding me but he said that he didn't. PRANK calls really is a bad habit....


I usually sleep late and last night was one of them. When I came into our room, my husband woke up and;
  hubby: where's the boy?
  me: what??? boy who?
  hubby: the boy that's in here, what's his name?
  me: I don't know, there's no boy here..
  hubby: I don't want him staying late.
  me: are you dreaming?

 And my husband just rolled over and went back to sleep.. I find it funny so I laughed silently^_^ ... I asked him this morning about it and he said that he don't remember saying those words... hmmmmmnnn.. ^_^..