Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Card is all I got..

I withdrew $700 yesterday, that was the last  amount of money from my paypal which I reserved to send to my family in the Philippines.  We will send it this weekend  so it will arrive there before Christmas.  I know that my siblings are expecting us  to send them  something.

 So now I am broke lol, but I have 2 Macy's gift cards ($150) that I redeemed from  reading emails at mypoints.com so I told my husband that he could use it to buy me a  wool coat hehehe.  Too bad the last two  gift cards that I redeemed  hasn't arrived yet.  I was hoping that it will arrive  this week so I could use it together with the other two, but luck is not on my side.

Anyhow,  I want a long coat because my coats are just waist long.  I have a long one but it's thin that I couldn't use it in picking  up our daughter in school.  It is getting so cold out there too.   I also plan to buy our daughter a new coat as her coat is getting small on her.

Hubby want   a long coat too but he said that he will just wait till next year as he is has several coats that he could use this year.  My kids wants some toys and we still have to purchase it.   We choose to buy  most of the stuff online because we can log in to our upromise account and we earned some percentage of the amount we shop for our kids  college fund.

How about you, what do you expect to get this year?

Sky Watch Friday

TGIF! I can sleep good tonight and not worry about waking up early tomorrow yippe! I feel bad for my kids that they have to wake up early but this is a good practice for them. Anyhow, the photo above was taken a couple of days ago when we were driving to visit my FIL. Hope everyone will have a great weekend. It's getting coler everyday, whoa, I am scared of winter lol but looking forward for a beautiful scenery of Fall.

By the way, to all the grandparents out there, Happy Grandparents day. Today is your day and we thank you for all the great things you have done!

Building Blocks and Gracie

 We had Gracie for a day  a couple of weeks ago.  We were very very excited to have her over at our house especially EJ.
 They play together with the building blocks that we have at home.
 I left her in the living room  for  a couple of minutes because my burrito   had to go to the bathroom and I had to cleaned him up.  I guess Gracie stood up and fell on one of this blocks and she cried.  I felt so bad that she got hurt.   Gladly, it wasn't bad.
Look at her  puckered lips, so cute!  We love you Grace.