Monday, February 23, 2009

Imaginary Friends

My husband is worried about our daughter because she is telling us stories about her imaginary friends. Hubby said that it might be becuase she lack of interaction from other kids that's why she's creating these friends. She always told us about her Friend "Alex", she said that he met him at the airport. Just yesterday, she told me that she met another friend whose name is Josh. I think thaat toddlers really have imaginary friends, its just normal right? Did you experience the same with your kids?

Followers Vanished

Good morning everyone, how's your day today? A lot of bloggers are wondering why their followers were gone. I'm the same way too, I was shocked when I opened my blog and 25 of them vanished. Is it a system failure or the followers really pulled out? Did you experience the same? So guys if you don't see my blog in your followers and you are following me, pls buzz me and I'll follow you again.. Thanks!

Love thy neighbor

My son love pandesal that's why hubby bought me a bread maker, unfortunately, I haven't figure out how to make pandesal yet hahaha. When the phone rang this afternoon, the kids got so excited because we thought that the call was from their Dad. The call was from our neighbor, she said that no one answered when she knocked on the door. She brought and gave us pandesal and spare ribs. Awesome! Thanks Ate Lilet!

Missing terribly

Oh no, its quarter to one already... I just now successfully got my daughter to sleep, she refused to go to bed because she was waiting for her Dad to arrive. Gosh, it's so difficult for a Mom to see their child cry because they miss their Dad. Although we talked to my husband a while ago, it wasn't enough to convince my daughter that Daddy won't be home till this Saturday. Oh boy! Okidoci folks, need to go to bed too... Goodnight and thanks for visiting and commenting as always!

We're missing Dad already

My husband flew to Japan this morning to attend his retirement class for a week. He'll be back on Saturday but we are already missing him. We're not use to being away from him anymore. When he left, my son and I were awake but my daughter. As soon as his Dad left, EJ climbed on the couch and peeked on the window and said "Dad." When Rylie woke up, she was asking for her Dad too and started crying when I told her that he left already. Daddddd, we're missing you so much already wahhhhhhhh!