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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oriental Store Trip

We went to the Strip District in Pittsburgh last Friday to shop at the oriental store. It's been a while since we last shop there. I kept putting it off due to lack of budget lol. Finally, my husband said that we3 realy need to go because4 he himself misses asian foods lol.
Whenever I am in the asian store, I gets excited. I feel like I am in the Philippines lol. Our little shoppers did really well in helping us. Going home , they were munching some pinoy snacks.
We spent $160 for all these. Thanks to the generous hubs of mine. He doesn't care whatever I get which sometimes I get over board lol. But, it's worth it because we seldom go to Pittsburgh so everytime we're there, I make sure to get a lot.

Butterfly Haven

My sister-in-law Chris has a butterfly bush in her backyard which is in full bloom now. It is enjoyable to watch it because a lot of butterfly are feasting on the flowers. The last time we visited, I saw three different kinds/colors of butterfly but I will show you the one that I really love. There's three of them with the same colors but I couldn't take a picture of the three of them.

It's funny how each of them are flirting with each other. I just wish that I have a camera that would take a picture without delay hehehe. Every time I tried to take a photo of the three of them, I failed to catch it.

Aren't they pretty? I find it very relaxing to watch the butterflies fly around and sucking nectars from one branch to another.

I hope that you enjoy browsing these photos?

Do you have a particluar shot that you like? I'll share to you the bluish and black butterfly color next time.