Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When we get sick

My husband is like the doctor in our household. He is the one giving medicine when our kids get sick. I seldom get really sick but when I do, he always takes care of me and take charge of the kids and the house chores. Lately though, my migraine keep torturing me. Please migraine, go away as I really don't like YOU! I am a kind of person who literally refuse to take medicines lol but when migraines attack, I can't resist not to take meds because it's a pain I can't ignore.

The first time I saw my husband got sicker than a dog was when I was still in the Philippines. I was worried sick that time because he was sooo hot and I asked him if he want me to bring me to the hospital but he said that he will be fine. I did not sleep that night, I spent my whole night rubbing the wet cloth in his whole body. I was glad that he was okay the next morning. My luvvy dubby is a big baby when he is sick, he doesn't want to it food, he just want to lay in bed until he feels better. Want to share your story, click the badge above and join us in Couple's Corner.

Wellness Check Up

Our kids had their wellness checkup last Friday. They also had series of vaccination shots. EJ got three shots and Rylie is suppose to have 5 but we told them to just give her three and the two other ones ion the other time. It's funny that she is tough when it comes to injection and stuff but not our son, he always cry.
She did god in the eye sight and hearing tests. EJ had a hard time following instructions during the hearing test. And while waiting for the shots, Rylie relaxed herself by posing in front of the camera.
Here's the video of her hearing test.
Thanks for visiting friends and for leaving your trail, have a good day! We are going to pick some plums at my friend Raquel's backyard, yum!