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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogging is for losers?

Hey guys have you read the latest buzz on yahoo about a 13 year old blogger who is also a fashion designer from the suburbs of Chicago? Reading about her story reminds me of one scene from NCIS show that we watched. One of the cheer leader girls there said that "Blogging is just for losers" it stunned me when I heard that because I don't think she really understand the concept of blogging. But anyhow, back to the topic, here is Tavi Gevinson a successful blogger. 
Yohji Yamamoto poses with blogger Tavi Gevinson
What will be your reaction if someone told you that you are a loser because you blog?


  1. Hey hon, you forgot to mention that scene we've seen this afternoon in CSI that says "stupid blog"... They are the uneducated who don't know the real meaning of blog!

  2. I would say you dont know what you're talkin aobut sweetheart!!!

    or ... were you've been honey, were you just born today?

  3. Hi Rose, that cheerleader doesn't know what are blogs. You are right there.
    I am having fun and without blogs, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of saying, 'Mabuhay' to you...
    or ahemm, ask you to dance the Tinikling? Ha ha.
    You stay easy and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  4. I think that's because they think blogging and keeping a diary is the same. or that people who blogs or post statuses on their facebook account need attention terribly.

    anyway, I blog because i love to write. aside from that, I earn from it. so how could I feel a loser blogging? hehehe

  5. oh thts a crap, nvm those potty mouth craps! heheheh! btw, i checked the site and nakaktuwa un bata! heheh!@ back to blogging na!

  6. losers? not me!!!!! she blogs too? maybe she is a loser and that how she feels!!! heheheh
    I AM NOT checking her blog... don't want to give her more

    blogging ROCKS!!!

  7. ay salbaheng bata naman si cheerleader...baka pag natry nya un pagba-blog eh ma addict sya..tulad ko hehehe ^_^ di nya pa siguro na try ang pagba-blog kaya ganon ang kanyang reaction o kaya may kagalit syang blogger..ay ano ba yan..humaba na ang storya.haha.

  8. pahabol sis, baka mag drop din si cheerleader ng EC kapag natuto hehehe..btw, ec drop ^_^

  9. Hi Lulu, the cheerleader is not the blogger that I am talking about. I actually posted the fashion designer here to show those people that people is not for losers instead its for people who love writing hehehe..

  10. Hi Meryl, oo tama ka, am sure she'll be addicted too.. Galit nga yung cheerleader dun sa blogger kasi inagaw daw boyfriend nya hahaha kaya tinawag nyang blogging is for losers..

  11. Blloging is for losers? She has her opinion and I have mine. hahaha

  12. I completely disagree about that statement "Blogging is just for losers", can't believe that kid blogs.

    kumusta na sis, daan muna ako dito...just finished my dinner....had quiz today...daan muna ako dito just to say hello....

    bukas na ako blog hop...had a rough day today....mmwah....miss you manang ko.

  13. To those who said, bloggers are losers.....I think they are the one who are the losers....You know why, they don't blog because they can't write articles. and so on and so forth..


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