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Monday, September 28, 2009

The reigning beauties

Just want to post these natural beauties that we captured during one of our family walks in the neighborhood. This is a vibrant petonia, love all its colors.
See the eyes of this flower?
The 100-days flower..
I love this wild blue colored flower with a shade of yellow and white. I don't know what kind of plant is this but the bees really love it.
One of the big toadstool we've found at the backyard. Our kids said that we can put it in pizza hahaha, they thought its an edible mushroom.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely flowers...sarap talaga paligid pag may flowers noh?

    anyway, came here for a visit...

    blog walking sa lahat ng blogs ninyo...salamat sa bisita ha

  2. oh, i love all the flowers you captured, Rose. I wonder we can't find mushroom in our backyard. i love to see them growing in our backyard too..lolz..

  3. I like petonia used to grow them, did you use digital macro? mushrooms grow in a damp wetty area, I have lots of them when it's autumn.

  4. all I can say is perfect you capture the beauty of the flower parang professional photographer ang kumuha like it ;p btw mommy sorry at hindi ako nakaka dalaw d2 simula nag start ang school ng mga bagets ko sobrang busy ako hehe.. Happy weekend :)

  5. Hello Rose..thanks for the comments and for all the links.. added you again...

    Oo nga pala Swedish yong salita namin ni Shy...

    Ang gaganda naman ng mga flowers na yan...amazingly beautiful ika nga..heheh

  6. i like the 100 days flower, why is it called that way?

    anyway, sorry ngayon lang ako nkadalaw, sobrang busy talga, post ko din mga kbusihan ko pag me time na talaga. Sa ngayon one post a week na lang yata kaya ko, pero try ko pa din magpost nang mas mdami at makdalaw ng mas madalas! Sobrang bagal din kasi ng internet connection ko e :(

    Take care always, Rose and kisses to Rylie and EJ!

  7. Rose, me favor sana ako. Mkkidaan lang, bka mbasa nung immention ko here:

    Since I wasn't able to blog and bloghop for a while, I forgot that special someone who dropped me a line in my cbox informing me that she added my link to her blogroll or she wants her blog to be added on my list. She said she knew my blog from your list. Sna naman, she can drop me a line uli so I can visit her and thank her and add her na din, nawala na ung link kasi sa cbox ko e.

    And to you who dropped me those sweet lines, thanks so much! I truly appreciate your sweetness and kindness, I just hope you can drop a line again so I can add you up na. Thanks and God bless! :)

  8. pretty flower you have here, Rose :-); thanks for sharing them with us!

  9. ganda ng flowers, buhay na buhay..
    Pwde ex links tyo mam?

  10. Hello, you got a very good caputed, nature is very wonderful :P...ANyway just walking by here and want to say hi and how´s your husband?

  11. these are beautiful... when andrea saw them she said flower right away....

  12. I love that purple flower with bees on it.. Good shots hon!

  13. wow,i thought it was mushroom for pizza nga.. :)

    beautiful pieces of nature!

  14. Thats the beauty of nature, sometimes we missed this little things like the wild flowers tumutubo kahit hindi inaalagan. Nice shot bakla, photographer talaga drama natin ngayon ahh

  15. oh lalala...super ganda naman nitong mga flowers...may mushroom pa...hehehe..super laki naman....:)

    musta ang weekend nyo sis? kagagaling lang namin from my SIL's hows.....we had a rough day today.....monday na naman bukas...hay buhay....eehehehhe!

    salamat pala sa dalaw ha....nako that I deleted that blog...the feeds are correct now....ala na problem....have added all your blogs pala on the new blog....:)

    daan muna ako dito hop muna ako....absent kasi ako lastnight...babawi ako sa ibang ka tribo natin...hehehe!

    honga pala...hope to chat with you bukas....mwah! miss you a lot manang using the PC...kaya ala akong IM.....:)

  16. Yes, flowers are a joy to behold. Their beauty and exquisite colors remind us of the grandeur of God's creation. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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