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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mama is in the Hospital

I wasn't able to sleep good last night because I am worried sick of my mother who is in the hospital since yesterday. Her blood pressure rose up again. She is having a hard time dealing with my sister-in-law whose living with her. I don't know if its rude to let them out of our home because my brother just died but she is not doing what she need to do to help them out. I don't want her family to think that we don't care about them, but if its going to harm my mother's health because of them, I will be forced to tell them to move out. I am so torn and worried right now. Any advice folks? Please include my mother in your prayers, thank you so much!


  1. Hello Buds! Nagpapa-problema na agad si sis in-law mo...Grabe naman...Why don't they move out na lng and transfer to her father's house so, Yhen can move in again and personally look after your mama...

    Hope she gets well soon Buds!
    Will be praying for her...
    God be with you always!

  2. hi Rose, if i causes further harm to your mother better yet tell your sis in law the consequences if they will stay longer with your mom, sound rude? explain it well. if she could not get your point it is her prerogative.....nagiisa lang ang INAY natin.

  3. Hoping the best for your mom. Keep your mom's best interest as top priority.

  4. Oh gosh! This is so complicated .That day was your brother and now your mom. I am point blank also.

  5. That's very depressing,Ate Rose...I would do the same if I were in your shoes,it may sounds rude though but a good explaination is best thing to do.
    Will be praying for her!!

  6. sana bumuti agad ang lagay ng mother mo po. i will include her in prayers.

  7. hello sis...oh my...sad to know nasa hospital si mama mo....hope she is feeling better....

    oh need to take action sis...kung ikakabuti ng mama mo....she need to move out....kaso kawawa din yung mga is better na magkalayo yung mama mo at si SIL mo.....kakainis naman kung sya ang dahilan kung bakit na hospital si mama mo....nakaka konsimisyon ito sa kanya....kunin mo nalang kaya sya...dito nalang sya titira sa US....

    hope all is well sis.....

    peek muna ako dito bago matulog....I took a cat nap after I got home from school, kakagising ko lang...have to go to bed na.....may headache kasi ako....magkaka red tide na ako anytime soon....

    sige sis...hope to chat with you kita ha....miss you a lot...mwah!

  8. Hi Rose, sorry to hear that, I pray for your mom, i do feel for you, you're in a situation where it's hard to decide what to do... hope everything's gonna be alright

  9. I wish your mother well. I hope she's ok now. Dapat nga makisama pang mabuti ang sister-in-law mo sa mom mo kasi wala na ang brother mo. Kung makakasama talaga sa mama mo ang makisama pa sa SIL mo dapat na lumipat na lang sila. you should talk to ur SIL in a manner na hindi naman siya mao-offend pero kapag makitid ang isip niya, ibang usapan na 'yon.

    Don't worry our Good Lord will heal your mom in time.

  10. thats so sad kung di marunong makiintindi SIL mo.. same advice din ang aadvice ko. Basta always stay calm kung man mag-uusap kayo. I hope your Mom gets well soon. Im sure she will..

  11. I hope your mom will get better soon.

    About your question, if that happened to me and my fam, I'd probably kick my SIL out of our house.

    But that's just my opinion sis. It's still up to you. But if she's the source of all the problems edi mas makakabuti pa siguro sa lahat na umalis na sya.

    Take Care!

  12. came back here.. can't advice anything except that, our mother must be our priority. we need to weigh everything but we must first consider our mothers health. prayers too..

    (off topic) we're all okey after ondoy. pero nakaka-trauma ang nangyari. dumanas din kame ng baha, waist deep. We're still lucky mabilis lang din nagsubside ang baha dito sa 'min. until now, my heart is still crying sa nakikita ko sa news but all we can do now is pray.

  13. just keep praying and know that God is always in control of all situations!

  14. i know exactly how you feel, Rose; my sister in-law is he same and it is not good for my mother's health; i would do the same thing if i have to. your mom's health is very important. will be praying for your mom and my mother as well.

  15. I will pray for your mother Rose. Just turn over your sister in law to God and He will do what is best for everybody. Let us not rush things because God is always in control of the situation. Maybe your sister in law is still feeling the effects of the recent loss of her husband. Please pray first before doing anything drastic. I will help you in my prayers so that you will make the right decision. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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