Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mini Road Trip

Hello there folks, how's your Monday going? I apologized fro not visiting you fr a couple of days because after our mini road trip to Daegu, my dysmenorrhea was so bad. But anyhow, I am feeling better now. We did not stay very long in Daegu, we just shop a little bit after we sent the money then we ate at BK.
These photos were taken on the way to Daegu.
I love taking pictures of the rice field because it reminds me of my childhood.
Going home, my husband dropped by at the Commisary to get something. We decided to just wait for him in the car because if we do, we might see things that we don't need and might go on unplanned spending again hehehe.
Showing his orniness.
My son loved this set of sword so much that even if it is a little bit expensive we bought it for him. Dad said that he seldom ask for something so he got this one. Of course my daughter has to get one too, a barbie. Haizzzz its hard to go on a store with kids, you can be an impulsive buyer sometimes.
These are taken on the way home, the view of the city of Jinhae.
My son immediately wanted his toy assembled so Dad helped him. Can you believe this little set of toys cost 25 bucks. for me that's ridiculously expensive. But it makes our son happy so its worth it I guess.
He carry the sword everywhere he goes, even in his sleep hehehe.


  1. i too still suffer from dysmenorrhea every month momi rose.. akala ko nga mawawala once nanganak na eh..

    anyways enjoyed looking at your road trip pics... always nice to have one with the family di ba.

    Happy Monday.

  2. Rylie is so pretty talaga!
    Ej looks so happy that he has a new toy! John is right naman, minsan lang naman pala magpabili, kaya okay lang! :)

  3. Hay naku! Kung ako si EJ, hindi lang $25 worth yung ipinabili ko. Ang lakas yata rumaket ni Mommy sa kanyang blogging! he he..
    Seriously, anything that makes our son happy is really worth buying di ba?

    Katuwa talaga ang mga family outing ninyo. I love following your activities. Enjoy ako sa sceneries!

    See yah again, Rose!

  4. as if we can say "NO" to them, hahaha. right Rose, if only for the kids we can do anything to make them happy. hugs and kisses to both of them.

  5. Ganda ng view, para na rin akong naki-joy ride sa inyo. Salamat sa frequent visit.

  6. ' wow.. those were cool pictures and even more cool is the fact that you get to enjoy all these trips with your family.. 25 bucks for a toy is really expensive but seeing your kid happy is priceless.. =)

  7. Hi Rose! I am glad that you are feeling better...Such cute pictures of your children; I enjoyed looking at them!

    I really enjoyed the pic of your son's sword; it reminded me of when my own son was little.

    He really wanted this plastic sword at the fair, so we ended up buying it for him. It made him soooo happy. Just like your son, he carried that thing with him everywhere. He played with it for a long one point, we had to tape it because it was coming apart, but he still played with it.

    Such precious memories! :)

  8. start pa lang an mads,,pag soltero na si ejboy ..mas magastos na..hehe

  9. you guys definitely had a busy weekend, and just like you, sometimes i just let husband go inside the supermarket if it is only a li'l shopping to avoid those unwanted buys too. :)

  10. i agree with Beth, Rylie is very pretty! Ej is a cutie :-)

  11. hhahaha..ganon din ako car nalang ako mag stay..baka may makita ako sa store...nako temptation...hehehehe..

    ganda ng toy ni EJ...mukang mamahalin.....hehehehe!

    kami lielow lang yung weekend namin...super init kasi dito....we just went to the Pinoy store and check my passport...d pa kasi tapos yung processing....takes 8 weeks kasi.....

    anyhow, daan me dito sa palasyo muna ako..may quiz ulit ako bukas..mwah!

  12. Oh how wonderful to see your pictures again. Sort of make my day to start right. EJ really knows how to show a somber face but that sure changed when you bought him his favorite toy. Although I agree with you that it was a bit expensive, it is all worth it because of the joy in the face of your son. Our children's happiness know no price tag if we can afford what they want. Thanks for featuring your wonderful photos in your blog. I'm kind of addicted to them already, hehehe, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. mami rose di kaya ng powers ko ang $25 kurips ako kaya $24 lang ang kaya ko hehehe

  14. my David would love that sword too.hehehe.. yeah, i agree with you rose, it is quite expensive but its worth it for him.

    nice pictures with great views

  15. Amazing family - can tell you guys are happy.

  16. Really great shots.. I wish I can publish my nature shots too. Regards to your family Rose!

  17. Naku problem ko din ang dysmenorrhea na 'yan since grade school ako. anyway, kids are like that when they have a new toy but after a few days they'll get tired of playing with it and leave the poor toy in the corner. For as long as the kids are happy minsan hindi na natin napapansin ang presyo ng toy well except for the really expensive ones. :)

    thanks for the visit Chubs. :)

  18. Mommy Chubs, one litte favor naman. Pa-ampon naman ang isa kong site sa list mo. its

    salamat ng marami, :)

  19. Hay naku I know what you mean. Kids just go, "Mom can I have it?! Can you buy it for me?" non-stop hahahahhaa

  20. Hi!

    I think, it's my first time here. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Your children are so adorable.You're so lucky to have them.


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